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That is our specialty, honed over forty years in the business helping major corporate clients, universities, health care providers, and professional services firms in law, banking insurance, and financial planning.

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Strategic Communications has helped clients meet the challenge of transforming their thoughts and ideas into meaningful communication.
We are a communication advisor, strategist, and problem solver, employing extensive knowledge and an advanced perspective on communication tools and processes. This includes the increasingly apparent fact that advertising is no longer something that is done to consumers, but that consumers do something with.

Our Leader

A creative and broadly experienced consultant, Bill Huey's background comprises media and publishing, advertising, public relations, and communications management consulting. He has worked with clients nationwide, and crafted successful marketing and communications programs while based in markets such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore, New Orleans, and his native Baton Rouge.

What Are Strategic Communications?

As straightforward as this might appear, there are several reasons why communicatis fails to reach this standard:

  • A lot of strategy is weak and based on wishful thinking rather than thoughtful analysis or identification of the true problem to be solved
  • Transmittal of information is often confused with communication
  • No one is responsbile or accountable for communication
  • Activity is mistaken for results
  • The people doing communications are incapable of executing the strategy